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Gustavo Medeiros
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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Just a regular artist who wants to improve and be a decent cartoonist, continue drawing stuff and make some smiles. My deepest gratitude for those who come and enjoy the content here. :blush:


15 days passed since I drew Caramel Lantern for the first time and, so far, I've been able to sketch 30 pages. This is pretty exciting, I've never thought I could go that far! Soon I'll be able to start the actual comic pages. X3
Caramel Lantern by RegularMouseBoy
CL Comic 01-02 by RegularMouseBoy
Quick update: So far I've managed to quick sketch more pages of Caramel Lantern's comic and currently I have 20 pages. Also, it seems like it will have less pages than I've expected! Yay! Can't wait to finish the sketches to start the actual comic pages. ^^

Caramel Lantern by RegularMouseBoy
CL Comic 01-02 by RegularMouseBoy
I'm working in a short comic with the new character I've created. Currently I've sketched 10 pages so far (very loose sketches) and aiming to draw at least a bit less than 100 pages.
Caramel Lantern by RegularMouseBoy CL Comic 01-02 by RegularMouseBoy
Because of a blackout and this stupid dud notebook battery, my hard disk was damaged. Thankfully I was able to fix it and it's working again... At the cost of everything I had there. I've lost my system, filed, programs... I hate my life.
It's amazing how many people not only believe in that "Earth is flat" story, but also try to SHOVE IT through you throat, like if it was the absolute truth. Seriously, it makes my blood boil.
Most of my friends and people who watch me are aware of how the country I live, Brazil, is in a hellish situation. There are too much stuff to tell about but, to TRY to simplify it: In reality we have a big political class that clearly wants power, money, luxury. To shut the people, keep them ignorant, slave and kill them. The elections, even the parties, are all a lie. And they will take no measures to do everything to keep themselves in power. Deceiving people to support fake, guided manifestations; fake candidates, and so on.

HOWEVER! They're only one of the several enemy factions. The government plays a big rule, yes, but we can't forget the other forces: big companies and families, Freemasons, communists and Islamic movements, to name a few. All of them orchestrating the destruction of the country (and beyond it, mind you!), all of them using each other, all of them willing to kill and destroy to fulfill their objectives.

Recently they, the government, approved a law that imposes schools to teach children about Gender Ideology, boys and girls will be corrupted since the childhood. This is already horrible, but the next thing is what really freaked me out.

To sum it up, the Brazilian Federal Police uncovered a terrible thing: big meat companies were cheating with consumers. Either using rotten meat mixed with carcinogenic chemicals, mixing meat with cardboad and junk, putting water to fake the real weight or even all of them together! We were all eating this crap! Big food companies here were selling us below low-quality crap!

Imagine how many were injured! How many died! Even I am a victim of this, my stomach is constantly aching!

And this is just in Brazil. The country sells for so many other countries! At least 3 countries so are now Brazilian's meat. Which is bad for the country, but who cares?! Selling rotten meat, fake meat, to other countries is way worse!

Dear God...

I was aware they were selling low products here in the country. "A-quality" beans with most of the grains spoiled and even with worms! The water has beyond human-consumption levels of chlorine and other chemicals!

And now meat! But who assures the other products aren't too? I'm now scared of eating anything!

But you know what's the worst part? EVEN WITH THIS... No one will bother to do anything. The people will simply find a way out, but won't bulge, won't fight for their dignity, nor nothing. Because Brazilian people are induced by corruption and are corrupted as well.

At this point I don't know what to think or do.
  • Listening to: 20th Century's music, specially Jazz.
  • Reading: Studying World War 2 and 20th century's history.


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